Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check for leaks?
  • Toilets are usually the greatest loss of water. Place a few drops of food color in the tank of your toilets, allow a few minutes to pass, check the bowl for color.
  • If the bowl has color your flapper seal may need to be replaced.
  • A leak detector dial is located on the face of the meter, if no water is being used and the dial is spinning this indicates a possible leak.
  • How to use your water meter to check for potential water leaks, Instructional video

How do I cut the water off for repairs?

The cut off valve on the meter belongs to Saraland Water, a customer is allowed to use this valve. If the valve is broken the customer will be billed for replacement. Plumbing code states all properties should have a cut off valve located on the customer’s side of meter.

Saraland Water will cut water off at the meter during regular business hours. All request after hours will be billed a service charge.

How do you open a new account?

The following paperwork is required to open an account:

  • Ownership paperwork or lease/rental agreement and driver’s license.
  • Only the person listed on paperwork can open the account.
  • A deposit is required to open all accounts, this cannot be billed.
  • A new service also requires payment of a tap fee in addition to deposit.
What is included on this bill?

Saraland Water bills for Water and Sewer services for Saraland residents. 

Questions in reference to Garbage service in the city limits of Satsuma should be directed to the City of Satsuma Public Works (679-3182).

When are bills mailed and payments due?

Bills are mailed 1st of each month and due upon receipt. A 10% late fee is added after the 15th of each month. All accounts not paid by the 20th of the month will be subject to collection and/or disconnection for non-payment. COLLECTION BEGINS ON THE 21st OF EACH MONTH.

Non receipt of bill does not entitle non-payment. If bill is not received by the 5th of the month you can contact our office for bill amount (675-5126). A duplicate bill can be picked up at our office.

What is a Temporary Residential Service?

A clean-up meter for residential property can be requested by property owner only, with proof of ownership paperwork and identification. Property cannot be occupied for this type of service. This is a temporary 30 day account and does not include garbage service. Owner will be billed for usage over the minimum allowance.

How do I request water turn off?

Only the account holder can request turn off. This can be done in the office or by phone with proper identification for residential accounts. Business accounts require signed paperwork by account holder on letterhead to close account.

Once account is closed a final bill will be processed and the deposit and/or balance due will be mailed to the address provided by account holder. This process can take approximately 6 -8 weeks to complete.